Going home this weekend, as suspected, was just what I needed.

I was so desperate that I skipped my 2:00 Psychology class so I could get home earlier on in the day on Friday. I got home around 2:30 Friday and I spent time with my sisters then watched my favorite guilty pleasure, Dance Moms. When my mom got home, we went to get my hair cut (7 inches later, I had a bob) and went to dinner with her best friend, Kari. We talked for probably two hours over dinner and where I was happy, I was sad thinking about how much I missed doing that.

Saturday morning, I went to talk to my mentor, Bobbie, and that, too, was something I have been missing so much. She is my out. She is the one person I feel I can go to with literally anything and not receive any judgment. After that, I saw my brother play baseball and then my mom took me shopping.

Sunday, I went to church and then back up to Fort Collins and met my partner in crime, Luke, and his family for his birthday.

For our music, his parents and uncle bought him/us a new microphone and audio adapter so we can record our music.

Last week, I was having such a hard time. I was so depressed, stressed, and just overall upset. Beginning this week, I am feeling so great. I feel so ready to face the next few weeks head on.

I realize that I have so much more to look forward to than to dread.

It’s October, my favorite month of the whole year.

The next time I go home, I get to see some of my best friends that I missed this time.

November will have come and gone before I know it and I will get to visit Texas to see the some family who I miss incredibly and it’s Thanksgiving, which is probably my favorite holiday (maybe just behind my birthday…).

After Thanksgiving, December will come and go before I know it and the semester will be over and I’ll get to be home for a few weeks with all of my great friends who I miss!

Above all, though, is the fact that I absolutely love Fort Collins and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be here.

I love and miss my friends and family dearly, but I know that this is where I belong and where I would like to be for a long time.

Thanking God for this day, this week, this month, this year, this life! I am feeling so blessed today.

Before you go to bed tonight, try to think of at least three reasons you have to be thankful.


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