Simplicity v. Duplicity v. Complexity

Each night I read either one long devotion with scripture or I read two or three short devotions with scripture.

Last night, I only read one, but I can’t stop thinking about. it….because I am so confused by it!

I read a devotion about the notion of simplicity that went with 1 Kings 11:1-13.

The scripture was about King Soloman and all his (700, holy crap) wives. It talked about how each of his wives was from a different land than he and worshiped different gods than he. Long before, God had warned that he must not turn his back on his God and worship other Gods. Of course, Soloman marries all these women and builds shrines for them to worship their own gods in. God got angry that Soloman disobeyed him and he said that his son will have the kingdom torn from him as punishment.

These verses are not difficult to understand; however, the devotion had me spinning.

It talked about how the opposite of simplicity is not complexity like we all automatically think; the opposite of simplicity is duplicity. Duplicity, meaning that we try to make copies of ourselves to get everything done that we need to get done.

I do not understand this concept.

I think it means that people are always hoping for more of anything (e.g. time, money) and that is not what God is calling us to do. God calls us to be the truest, most simple version of ourselves we can be.

We get too caught up in the stresses of our everyday lives and we always want there to be more. God wants us to see that what we have is enough.

He wishes us to accept a more simple life and be thankful for having enough. Now, when I say “a more simple life,” I don’t mean move to the country and start a farm. Rather, I mean take a step back and enjoy what you have and stop asking for more. In the end, enough is enough and I mean that in the most positive way.

Plan accordingly and you will be alright with what you have and the way your life is at this moment.

It’s so interesting because last night after I read this devotion I said to God, “Well, that really isn’t what I was looking for tonight,” when in reality, it probably was. The fact that I was stewing over it all night and all morning means it was what I needed.

Don’t speak too soon when it comes to God. He has a way of smacking us in the face with something we don’t think we want or need.


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