Prayers Needed…………

On Wednesday after lunch, I began to feel a dull, but unbearable pain in my abdomen. Now, I have had this pain before over the past two months, but not this intense and not this persistent. As it continued to hurt, I decided I needed to take a trip to urgent care. I went to the on-campus urgent care and waited in a waiting room in writhing pain for almost two hours (I realize I would have been waiting even longer if I had gone to a regular urgent care or the emergency room, but two hours is a long time to sit around in pain). When I finally was called in to see a nurse practitioner, I was in the clinic for about an hour. She wanted to know about my symptoms and of course she saw my consistent widespread chronic pain as an intriguing mystery, so she asked a lot about that as well. At the end, she ordered six types of blood tests and a urine test.

The next day, I had to go back in to get all those tests done and of course my arm wouldn’t stop bleeding as it tends to do when I get blood drawn (I have had many a blood test and for some reason my arm continues to bleed for a few minutes after they suck it out of me) and I just so happened to not have to go pee when I did the urine test. Trying to force urine out when there isn’t much in your bladder is quite the task…let’s not talk about that. The good news was that they said my results would be back by the next day.

So here we are. It’s Friday, a day after I got my tests done and my results were emailed to me.

My blood work looked mostly normal with the exception of slightly low Vitamin D, which is not likely caused by an absorption problem which is a good sign.

My urine test, on the other hand, came back a little wonky. I was instructed to come back for another test next week (this time I will make sure to prepare by drinking a ton of water before-hand so I actually have to go) to recheck that. The test from yesterday makes my doctor suspect a urinary tract infection, but I am not showing signs of a UTI of the urethra (yes gross), which is a bit worrisome considering the fact that UTIs gone untreated can cause kidney problems.

If that comes back negative, I need to go see a gynecologist to see if I have a problem with my ovaries.

Please take a moment to put me into your prayers over the next week or so. I am worried and scared and could use a little extra support. Thank you.


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