Finally Some Time to Relax!

Wednesday night I drove back home to go to a doctor’s appointment Thursday afternoon. Getting there, as always, is a pain in the butt, but it was the departure that was stressful.

I was all ready to leave; all packed and getting ready to say goodbye to Luke (my boyfriend) when I realized the last time I went home, I only filled my gas tank halfway, meaning I wasn’t sure if I had enough gas to get home. Luke and I went out to the parking lot to check my gas levels and of course my car was not parked in that lot, it was in another one. It was just a short walk away, but this only heightened my frustration. So we took our walk to the car and lo and behold, my needle was almost on empty. Naturally, I burst into tears saying to a frustrated Luke over and over again, “I’m never going to get home! I just want to go home and I can’t even get there!” Of course, this was completely irrational, but the thing is this: I am a poor (poor poor poor poor) college student and I (sadly) must rely on my parents to buy my gas. Just to my dismay, my parents don’t get paid until Thursdays and since it was only Wednesday, my mom couldn’t transfer funds into my bank account. Now the screaming and crying probably makes a little more sense. Luke had a check in his room, but not much in his account, so we had to go to his room, get the check, and cash it. It turned out to be just my luck that the bank Luke uses takes at least one business day to process deposits. This resulted in another crying fit. Luke (the best boyfriend EVER) transferred funds from his savings account back into his checking account and bought my gas and I was finally off for my hour and a half drive in rush hour.

Although I had a rough afternoon, it was great spending time with my family.

Thursday morning, I went to see an old and teacher and friend who gave me advice and perspective. Then, I went to brunch with my mom and then to my doctor’s appointment.

I was so nervous to go in because of the recent stomach pains I have been experiencing. When I got in, the doctor was great.

Here’s the diagnosis as of now:

-Chronic pain syndrome with migraine

-Severe mittelshmerz pain (ovulatory pain)

-Vitamin D deficiency

-Immune sensitivity

Here’s the TREATMENT (I rarely get a treatment I am hopeful about, so I’m pretty excited):

-Hormone therapy (which should help with the stomach pain and possibly the headaches)

-A live probiotic with vitamin D and cranberry

Clearly, I’m excited. I’m very hopeful about this. Pray that it works!

I drove back up to school Friday morning and had a night in with Luke and then today, I was able to have some quality alone time and time to relax and unwind. This was so much what I have been needing lately. I have been feeling so much stress and pressure and it was nice to not have a worry.

What I’ve taken away from the past few weeks is that even through difficult and stressful times, taking care of myself emotionally is most important. I find when I have days or weeks where I’m experiencing a lot of pain, there’s not much I can do for myself physically, so the most important thing is to take care of myself mentally and emotionally.

I’ve had a great last few days.

That’s all.



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